Santa was good to FRENCH AIRSOFT DUDE! – 417 GBBR Video!

Screen shot 2015-12-26 at 9.04.53 AM.png

WOW!  Khan Seb must have one of the biggest “stockings hung by the chimney with care” in all of France!  Catch his latest shoot-‘n-show video and all of his great guns from Christmas’s Past….over at his YT Chan! CLICK THAT PIC!

“My facebook page :
My secondary firearms channel :…
My work at Airsoft Entrepot TV :…

Thanks to Ding Chavez who let me borrow this gun !

Ding Chavez review :…
Ding Chavez overview :…
Ding Chavez shooting test :…

Note also Nugentgl videos of this gun :…

HK417 GBBR by VFC, licensed by Umarex. A great finish with all the correct markings, and a very very nice trigger feeling as well. Big bolt carrier (which feels light though), big magazine (which also feels kind of light compared to its size). Nice kick as well, even if it’s not scrip.

It’s a very nice gun to have in hands, and compared to other VFC GBBR I tried before the cool down resistance seems reasonnable enough. Not the best ever, but skirmishable enough. Out of the box, the performances aren’t incredible, but it’s probably possible to increase them with another hop up rubber and another inner barrel….”


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