SB199 Rules – Live Show w/ Bob the Axe Man – Airsoft GI on YouTube

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I kinda feel real sadzorz for the guys at retailers and import places in California…as they have to spend an extra amount of their time to spin up customers on this silly law.  But, this is what happens when you let politicians write bad law, don’t crush it with vigilance, and then reap the consequences.

NOTE TO PLAYERS: We have already seen some of you morons…yea, calling you out but NOT sharing your insanity…putting neon tape on your REAL STEEL GUNS to “show those guys in Sacramento…” Show them what, exactly?  That you are stupid and want to get shot?  That you were so intelligent to figure this out?  Please.  Don’t make it worse than it already is.

‘199 Stupid is 199-percent DEAD WRONG!  TREAT, NEVER, KEEP, KEEP is in full force-and-effect still.  “Rule of 4 Stupids” is still the prevailing rule-of-the-street.   Keep all your guns in gun bags/cases/boxes. DO NOT GO OUT IN PUBLIC with any airsoft gun unless it is in a controlled situation. Ever.

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