REVOLUTIONARY? MTO System Video from BO Manufacture – Facebook

You will have to CLICK THE PIC to see and HEAR the latest video from France…and to catch more info released for the weekend on the BO MANUFACTURE MTO-SYSTEM over on their FB Fan Page…but, the teasing and drama continues!

To catch up, hit THIS LINK!

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.22.30 AM.png

“F.CK YES IT WORKS! Sorry for keeping you waiting. Here is the MTO in action. This is not a complete system but a firing testing session recorded in Jan. with no electronic driver which means 8 to 10 times slower than the final integrated version. The noise is also due to internal impacts that are not controlled in this configuration. That’s not a sexy video but we owed it to you. MTO works, MTO rocks. Keep faith…”


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