FALCON Kydex Holsters IN STOCK! – Airsoft R US Tactical – YouTube

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We FREEKIN’ LOVE IT when GOOD GUYS work together…and even more when those guys are THUMPY FRIENDS!  Bill inked the deal with Falcon Kydex’ Tech’s master-at-arms-holdery Vernon Goss just minutes after we did the video below with him at OP Broken Arrow…and NOW anything he can make, YOU can get via ASRUS right in the store or online!

“…Supporting Airsoft R US Tactical by purchasing from us directly either in store or online, helps us bring you the BEST service and experience in the Airsoft industry. While the big box online stores are nice, they typically fall short on giving you quality care after you’ve dropped your hard earned bucks. When we first started playing the game of Airsoft, we recognized this issue and decided to make a difference.

We make it our job to know our customers personally, to know their needs, their play style, and budget. If there is an issue and your Airsoft gun is down, we get our customers out on the field faster than anyone else. We will make sure you avoid the typical high shipping charges, the long waits on repairs, and the disappointment of being two or three days outside of your warranty. We care about you well outside of your warranty period. That’s why Airsoft R US Tactical should be your go-to place to shop for all of your Airsoft and tactical needs.

Website: http://www.airsoftrustactical.com
Instagram:http://www.instagram.com/airsoftrus …”


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