Replica Guns and Police – Winston-Salem PD spreads the word


Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 9.12.04 AM.png

The headline is pretty damning….” WINSTON-SALEM — Winston-Salem police have seized 280 BB guns and airsoft rifles in the past three years, and those types of weapons have been used in 600 crimes in Winston-Salem during that period, police officials said Wednesday….”

Read this one, and know that it is usually NOT law-abiding, police-supporting individuals who are breaking laws and taking their lives into their own hands with airsoft guns.  Why we ALL need to be making connections and spreading the good word with our own local LEO’s…


Assistant Police Chief Scott Bricker QUOTE: “The danger associated with them arises through unsafe handling, lack of parental supervision, deliberate criminal misuse of them, or when law enforcement officer encounter individuals with them either when they see them or through 911 calls,” Bricker said. “Replicas look like real firearms.”


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