Holiday Drop Zone – Goodies from LION CLAWS’ John Lu!


TOO FREAKIN’ COOL!  This morning, in the cold Carolina rain…what do we find at the front door?  THE 2016 Operation Lion Claws calendar, and the most amaze-ballz stealth-black heavy-weight hoodie! LZ L.C. MERCH!


Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 10.43.49 AM.png

Huge shout out to the one-and-only John ‘Lion Claws” Lu for all of his personal and professional support over the years for our little airsoft news adventure, going all the way back to a SHOT Show Shoutout with Angel Ksenia in ‘Vegas. And, while he and his player/minnions have been pushing and prodding to get Thumpy to an event ever since, we PROMISE we’ll be showing up in 2016..hey, we gotta get into that 2017 Calendar somehow!  THANKS JOHN and to all the Lion Claws Faithful…you guys and gals do it right and represent our game in the best ways possible!

See what you will be missing if you don’t make a LION CLAWS event in the New Year…over at the Lion Claws TV YouTube Chan’



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