MTO Phantom System – More Details in Q&A from BO Manufacture! – Facebook

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There are MANY MANY details under wraps on the super-secret MTO “magnetic” system guns still in testing by BO Manufacture in France. But, the link below to their Facebook page has cracked the lid open a little more, as player “Gary Wyborn” (who seems to be based out of the UK and plays in the EU a bit)  is getting official on-the-record answers to questions a lot of guys are asking.

We have previously reported that BO Manufacture has shown off prototypes at recent shows in the EU.  Still, this publicity-secrecy gig’ seems more like an espionage mission into-the-heart of darkness than it probably needs to be.  Come on.  Protect your product with legal/trademark and trade dress/patent and lets gets these rolling off the production lines so we can all judge for ourselves…

One thought on “MTO Phantom System – More Details in Q&A from BO Manufacture! – Facebook

  1. Just stumbled across this article, thanks for the mention Thumpy.

    Getting solid info in English has been an uphill struggle, like many others I was keen for more info but most of the early details shared were in French speaking videos and posts, at one point I was enlisting the help of a kind French airsofter to translate! All has gone quiet for now as the MTO goes through certification, BO are also reportedly working on some final electronics issues related to forward compatibility with the planned companion app, allowing shooting settings to be changed similar to P* Bluetooth FCU, as well as some sort of augmented reality shooting experience.

    Release date has therefore been pushed back to September, planning an unboxing video of the ‘Zero’ model when I finally get my hands on it so look out for that.


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