Gunfire presents: MG42 by G&G – on YouTube

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.39.44 AM.png

When you “saw” the title, tell me you just KNEW the boyz were gonna do the old “A-Gunner loses his hearing permanently” tacticool shooting position with the old ’42?  THERE IS THAT…and a whole lot more from this overview by GUNFIRE.PL of Mr. Liao’s pride-and-joy!

CLICK THAT PIC for a look at all of G&G’s guns from the IWA show…and cut to 4:28 to see JOHN with the MG 42!

“…To buy MG42 visit our online shop…

[EN] The term “airsoft engineering wonder” fits this replica perfectly. Today Leszek will present you the GMG42 from G&G that is a replica of the well-known gun which was accepted into service in 1942 – the Maschinengewehr 42 aka MG42, a construction, which in the hands of the soldiers of the Third Reich (and not only!) sowed unprecedented terror on nearly all fronts of World War II. Today, it’s an icon.

The replica is the most faithful available on the market reconstruction of this incarnation of the German war machine. The dimensions and details of the original have been mapped as closely to the original as possible; moreover, thanks to the construction being made almost completely out of steel, the weight is also accurate – nearly 11kgs with an empty magazine.

So much by way of introduction. Enjoy the video!…”


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